Thai reflexology foot massage

Thai foot massage

45 min
€ 51
Thai reflexology foot massage (also known as Thai reflexology) is much more than a regular foot massage! In addition to a relaxing and energizing foot and calf massage, we also perform light acupressure that affects your entire body.

According to Chinese medicine, there are 10 main energy lines in our body that act as a pathway for the flow of chi. In Thai reflexology foot massage, these energy lines are called Sen lines. During this massage, the points along the Sen lines are gently and methodically stimulated to enhance or restore the free flow of energy. In the soles of the feet, each organ has its own zone or point. By pressing with the thumbs and deeply massaging these areas, the blood circulation of the body and the movement of energy flows to the vital organs of the body are improved.

Our professional Thai spa masters use their hands and wooden Thai massage sticks to stimulate specific areas of the feet, releasing blocked energy in the body’s many Sens lines.

We perform the massage with natural odorless oil.