About us

In our SPA centers, you, dear guests, will feel like you are in a real oasis of oriental sensations every time – you will relax, forget your daily worries, immerse yourself in the sea of pleasures, rest and recharge your energy. We are waiting for you.

The beginning of East Island Spa is a trip around Asia, where we were very impressed by the exotica, culture, customs and massage services provided by the abundance of spa centers. This is how the desire was born that this oriental harmony, balance of body and spirit would come to Lithuania and provide harmony in our constantly rushing environment.

The first East Island SPA centers in Vilnius and Druskininkai opened their doors in 2005. At the beginning only masters from Thailand worked in our spa centers, after some time we chose to represent four eastern countries and their massage cultures – Cambodia, Bali, India and Thailand. From the very beginning, we created spa centers that reflect Eastern culture as much as possible – both with authentic massages performed by massage masters of that country, as well as with interior, music, scents, the entire philosophy of Eastern countries.

We aim for our guests to be able to enjoy authentic spa procedures throughout Lithuania. We opened a spa center in Kaunas in 2017, in Klaipėda in 2021, and the second spa center in Vilnius in 2023. This is how we became the largest day spa chain in Lithuania.

We pay particular attention to the quality of service for our guests – we strive to make you feel comfortable, cozy, and receive the highest quality and authentic services from the first to the last moment in our spa centers.

oasis of sensations

We put our entire philosophy into the slogan:

Real – everything you will find with us is authentic and real: professional massage masters from the represented countries, authentic interior, specially created original music, only the highest quality natural products and many other details.

Oriental – we Europeans have long been fascinated and attracted by the Orient with its exotica, culture, customs and teachings, which are radically different from ours. Therefore, we made sure that the East came to us and provided harmony in our hurried everyday life.

Sensations – both rest and taking care of your body are important for a proper quality of life, it is very important to pamper yourself and get proper rest after a busy work schedule.

Oasis – is a kind of oriental SPA embassy in our northern region, and we care that each of you personally experiences the harmony of the East.

Eastern countries represented

Only here you can try massages of four Eastern cultures performed by professional massage masters from Cambodia, Bali, India and Thailand. No one will reveal to you the intricacies of traditional massage as well as a certified massage master who came from that country and learned the intricacies of massage in that country.


Massages by Cambodian masters are distinguished by the acupressure massage technique, when certain points of the body are pressed. During the massage, every muscle is moved, so you will feel very good after the massage.

Massages by Balinese masters combine both strong and weak massage movements. During the massage, we aim to relax tense muscles.

Massages by Indian masters are best known as Ayurvedic. Various massage techniques are used during them: classic, point and others. These are unique massages to harmonize body, mind and consciousness.

Massages by Thai masters are diverse, different, but all of them give a feeling of pleasant peace and bliss. The massage movements of Thai masters are firm and deep.

The largest
day SPA
chain in Lithuania

You will find our spa centers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Druskininkai – we are the largest day spa chain in Lithuania.

We aim for guests to be able to conveniently use our services throughout Lithuania. We assure you that in all our spa centers you will find impeccable service, professional massage masters, a wide selection of services, and a cozy oriental environment.

If you have a massage subscription, you can use it in any of our spas. If you want to make your relatives or friends happy with a spa gift, our gift vouchers are valid in all spa centers – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Druskininkai.