SPA etiquette

Spa etiquette defines certain guidelines and rules that you should know before visiting a spa center.

  • At the spa, our guests want to relax and rest, let’s respect each other – talk in a low voice, turn off the phone’s sound signal and do not talk on the phone in the spa premises.
  • Express your wishes or feedback to our staff. We always want to receive feedback from our guests, starting from the temperature of the room, the volume of the music, to the quality of the procedure.
  • Upon arrival at the spa center, we will offer you reusable slippers, which we thoroughly disinfect after each use. We have given up disposable slippers because we contribute to creating a more sustainable environment.
  • We massage the naked body, but during the massage we will cover you and reveal only the areas being massaged at that time.
  • During the procedures, we recommend wearing disposable panties, which you will find in the massage room. You can wear your underwear if you want, but during some procedures it may be stained by the cosmetic products.
  • In the bath or in the tub you can ware a swimming suit.
  • In the sauna area (Klaipėda SPA center), it is necessary to wear your own swimming suit or tights, have a towel and slippers adapted to wear in a humid room. You can rent a towel and a bathrobe in our spa center.
  • After the tub, bath or shower, you will find a towel prepared for you, in the shower you will find toiletries. Please do inform the spa administrator if you need a hair dryer.
  • Arrive at the spa center 5-10 minutes earlier than the appointed time. The specified procedure time includes preparation for the procedure in the massage room. Delays may shorten your procedure time.
  • If you would like to pay for the services with a gift coupon or health insurance card, inform the spa center administrator about it upon arrival. Together with the health insurance card, you must have an identity document.
  • Before body scrubbing, depilation, body wraps, we recommend not shaving on the day of the procedure – it may irritate the skin.
  • If you are not satisfied with something during the procedure, be sure to tell our specialist about it immediately.
  • After the procedure, take your time, lie quietly for a couple of minutes to allow the body to recover. Please allow no more than 7 to 10 minutes to relax after the procedure, as the room needs to be prepared for the next client.
  • After the procedure, we invite you to the rest room, to relax and enjoy a cup of tea.
  • We reserve the right not to accept clients who are intoxicated, aggressive or who repeatedly violate spa etiquette.
  • When booking your treatment, please inform us if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Until the 14th week of pregnancy, any massage is strictly not recommended due to the higher risk of miscarriage. Afterwards, you can enjoy a massage, but each case is individual and we recommend that you consult your doctor and choose a massage tailored for pregnant women.
  • Before the procedure, be sure to inform the spa center administrator(s) of any health problems or medications that may affect the procedure. Please inform us if you have any allergy problems or serious illnesses.
  • The massage should not be performed if you have a high body temperature, inflammation, infectious diseases, venous inflammation, severe thrombosis and other circulatory problems, kidney or gall bladder stones, hernias, or during menstruation. We do not recommend massage if you have oncological diseases.
  • In case of any skin lesions (e.g., wounds, scratches, abrasions, bruises, sunburn, sunbeds, etc.) or infectious skin diseases (e.g., fungus, warts, rashes, abscesses, scabies, pimples, herpes, etc.) we do not perform the massages due to the risk of triggering the disease and transmitting it to a specialist and, most likely, to the next client.
  • You can appreciate the specialist by leaving tips for good services.

Thank you for choosing East Island Spa. We wish you pleasant sensations in a real oasis of oriental sensations!