Thai point face and head massage

Thai facial and head massage

45 min
€ 49
Thai facial and head massage has a rejuvenating effect, it also perfectly lifts the mood, improves your well-being, so it is one of the most effective and pleasant procedures.

This massage relaxes extremely well, helps to get rid of fatigue, stress, and feelings of constant tension, as well as tones, stimulates blood circulation, stimulates certain points on the head and face, removes puffiness and increases skin tone, releases and tightens facial muscles.

Our professional Thai spa masters perform the massage gently and slowly, with deep pressing, circular and stroking movements affecting certain points located on the face and head. This massage is extremely useful for those who complain of headaches, neck pains, migraine attacks, and depression.

Before the massage, we remove make-up, during the massage we use natural face oil.