Balietiškas aromaterapinis SPA ritualas

Balinese aromatherapy SPA ritual

1 h 10 min
€ 79

Immerse yourself in the pleasures of a Balinese aromatherapy spa ritual and feel like you are on vacation in the romantic and exotic island of Bali! We created this spa ritual for your better well-being and mood, for relaxing rest and escape from everyday worries. The Oriental spa set consists of::

Foot bath | 10 min

We cannot imagine a Balinese ritual without a foot bath, which help you relax and calm down.

Foot scrub and massage | 10 min

Massage master from Bali will gently exfoliate your feet and pamper you with a point foot massage.

Balinese aromatherapy massage | 45 min

This massage will take you to the exotic island of Bali, both with the aroma of lotuses and with your senses. Massage master will perform the massage with very gentle movements and pressures.

Balinese head massage | 15 min

This massage will give you complete relaxation pleasure. Massage master from Bali will use slow but firm and deep movements, stretching, pressing.