Dream of Thailand

SPA set “Dream of Thailand”

2 h
€ 95

The “Dream of Thailand” spa set will make you feel like you are on vacation in Thailand and enjoy traditional Thai spa treatments. We invite you to a spa trip!

A set of spa treatments includes:
Citrus foam bath | 30 minutes

Bathing in a warm, aromatic bath will calm your body, relax tense muscles, remove tension accumulated in the body and prepare the body for further procedures.

Thai body scrub | 30 minutes

Exfoliation will prepare your body for the massage, it is a care procedure for the skin and positive emotions for the spirit. You will be enchanted by the oriental aroma, and the useful substances will moisturize and nourish your skin.

Thai oil massage | 60 minutes

Thai oil massage is a deeply relaxing full body massage where our professional Thai spa masters use firm and deep massage movements.


The indicated time is a total time of the SPA set, including your time in the shower, your preparation for the next procedure.