Khmer full-body deep tissue massage

SPA set “Cambodian secrets”

1 val. 10 min.
€ 72

Mysterious Cambodia fascinates us with impressive temples, nature of extraordinary beauty, excellent traditional cuisine and the secrets of massage techniques passed down from generation to generation, which were practiced even in the heyday of Ankor Wat. “Secrets of Cambodia” will take you to exotic Cambodia.

The Oriental spa set includes:
Traditional Khmer massage | 50 minutes

The purpose of this massage is to relax the tense deep tissues of the body. This is a deep massage, during which the master uses strong pressure and stroking movements, massages not only with hands, but also with elbows and teeth.

Acupressure Khmer head massage | 20 minutes

This massage is one of the best ways to remove tension, headache, helps to relax, feel lightness, gives new strength.

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