Apollo Dream

Spa set “Apollo’s Dream”

1 h 30 min
€ 89

Spa set “Apollo’s Dream” is a set of treatments from our spa center that is especially loved by men! It is intended for those who want to fully relax, eliminate stress and tension.

The spa set includes:
Titanium body scrub | 20 minutes

Scrubbing the whole body with a scrub with precious titanium will take care of skin damage, moisturizing and maintaining the moisture level. Symbolizing strength, vitality and power, titanium gives the scrub a rich masculine aroma and naturally provides strong sun protection. It also helps to heal small wounds.

Stimulating massage | 50 minutes

After the scrubbing procedure, a massage awaits you. This is a stronger and deeper massage than a relaxing one. During it, the massage master presses harder and deeper on the points of certain areas of the body. Massage helps to recover lost strength, stimulates the activity of the whole body and blood circulation, gives energy.

Facial massage | 20 minutes

Facial massage helps the skin to remain elastic and bright for longer. This is a proven facial skin care method that improves tissue oxygenation.


The indicated time is a total time of the SPA set, including your time in the shower, your preparation for the next procedure.

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