Pleasant refreshment

SPA set “Pleasant refreshment”

2 h
€ 103

The “Pleasant refreshment” spa set is a balanced treatment ritual for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of the spa for longer and get full benefits.

The spa ritual consists of:
Relaxing full body massage | 60 minutes

It relaxes the muscles of the body very effectively, calms and positively affects the spiritual balance, restores well-being and a good night’s sleep. We massage with slow, gentle, stroking movements.

Facial massage | 30 minutes

Helps the skin to remain elastic and clear for longer. This is a proven facial skin care method that improves tissue oxygenation.

Skin coating with Casmara active serum and Casmara skin balancing mask | 15 minutes

Gives the skin purity, youth and firmness, helps to restore the balance of the facial skin.

Soothing foot mask | 15 minutes

Relaxes tired legs, gives them softness.


The indicated time is a total time of the SPA set, including your time in the shower, your preparation for the next procedure.

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