Sports massage

Massage for sportsmen

60 min
€ 79
Massage for sportsmen is intended not only for active sports enjoyers, but also for those who do intensive physical work and feel constant physical tension.

This is a strong massage that affects and stimulates all muscle groups. During a sports massage, a professional master of our spa center massages in certain directions, applying appropriate pressure on body points. During sports massage, we use many different movements: rubbing, stroking, kneading, pressure, rhythmic strokes, vibration, stretching.

For those who do sports, this massage helps them prepare for training and recover faster after heavy physical exertion. By strengthening and toning the muscles with this massage, you will achieve and maintain the desired body shape faster. The long-term effect of sports massage is increased body flexibility, muscle elasticity, reduction of fatigue and increased energy.

We perform the massage with natural odorless oil.