Healing massage

Therapeutic massage

60 min
€ 73
For many of us, massages are associated with peace and relaxation, but massages are also extremely useful as a preventive or are curative tool, helping to recover faster.

The main benefit of a massage is the reduction of muscle and emotional tension, stimulation of blood and lymph circulation. Massages are not only a relaxing ritual, but also a stress- and tension-relieving procedure, a complex part of the treatment or prevention of various diseases.

East Island Spas have a personal care facility license to provide therapeutic massage services, our therapeutic massage specialists are certified to perform therapeutic massages prescribed by a doctor.

ATTENTION. If you have a health insurance contract (Compensa, Gjensidige, ERGO, Lietuvos draudimas, BTA), therapeutic massages are usually reimbursed by insurance companies. Depending on your individual contract, a doctor’s referral may be required.