SPA date

Ritual for TWO „SPA date“

1 h 40 min
€ 189

Have a spa date! We have created a pleasure ritual for TWO, which will not only pamper your bodies, but also allow you to escape from everyday life.

A spa appointment includes:
Energizing full body massage with red wine cream | 60 minutes

An energizing massage is stronger and more intense, during which the master uses moderate, fast and deep massage movements. The red wine toning cream, rich in peptides, vitamins, polyphenols, makes the skin soft and smooth, restores its elasticity, and gives it a glow.

Refreshing facial massage | 20 minutes

Facial massage helps to keep facial skin elastic, smooth fine wrinkles, revive tired facial skin and improve its tone. After a facial massage, the skin becomes firmer, brighter, and looks younger.

Purifying sheet mask of blueberry face | applied during point head massage

In order to enhance the benefits of facial massage, we will pamper your facial skin with a sheet mask during the head massage. Bilberry extract is rich in minerals and vitamins that strengthen and revitalize the skin.

Point head massage | 20 minutes

Point massage of the head helps to relax, feel lightness, gives new strength. The masseuse presses with his fingers, using circular and stroking movements, he affects certain points in the head area.


Procedures for two are performed by two massage masters at the same time in one room.