Authorial East Island SPA ritual

Authors East Island SPA ritual for TWO

2 h 30 min
€ 239

Authors East Island Spa ritual is a unique spa retreat for two, created by East Island Spa masters.

The authorial spa ritual consists of:
Tub with foam for two | 30 minutes

A tub with foam will not only help you relax, but also prepare your body for further spa treatments.

Luxurious pearl full body scrub for her | 30 minutes

Pearl scrub removes the top dead layer of the skin, after scrubbing the skin becomes smoother, more elastic, softer and smoother, acquires a natural pinkish shade. The pearl scrub has a very pleasant and enticing aroma, so it will perfectly relax, remove dead skin cells and at the same time preserve the skin’s moisture.

Refreshing body scrub for him | 30 minutes

Refreshing, pleasantly scented and specially balanced for men, this body scrub has deep moisturizing, nourishing and softening properties. Wonderfully nourishes dry skin, tones and improves skin elasticity, wonderfully softens and deeply moisturizes, creates a protective barrier against unwanted external factors – cold, heat, wind, accelerates skin cell renewal.

Lava stone therapy for two | 15 minutes

During lava stone therapy, the massage master places heated lava stones on the body, thus warming up the muscles before the upcoming massage. These stones retain heat for a particularly long time and transfer it to the human body, have a positive effect on the heart, blood vessels and respiratory system, improve central and peripheral blood flow, lymph circulation, and improve metabolism.

A relaxing full body massage with Aromatherapy Associate’s luxurious oils for two | 60 minutes

A relaxing massage is suitable without exception for anyone who wants to forget and break away from the daily routine. This massage effectively relaxes body muscles, calms and positively affects the internal state of the body, reduces irritability and tension, and eliminates fatigue. During a relaxing massage, the masseur uses slow, broad and gentle stroking movements. Aromatherapy Associates essential oils enrich the massage with scents and beneficial properties.

Head massage for two | 15 minutes

Head massage is a particularly pleasant relaxing procedure that helps to calm the nervous system, relieve headaches and stimulates the nerve endings in the head.

Procedures for two are performed by two masseurs at the same time in one room. The indicated time is a total time of the SPA ritual, including your time in the shower, your preparation for the next procedure.