Khmer full-body deep tissue massage

Traditional Khmer massage

90 min
€ 93
The aim of Traditional Khmer massage is to relax tense deep tissues.

This massage is especially useful if you are dealing with muscle tension, muscle “knots” and therefore, feel pain. Deep tissue massage improves all muscle functions and the propagation of nerve impulses through the muscles, increases the amplitude of the joints and strengthens the tendons, has a positive effect on the blood and lymph systems, accelerating the flow of both blood and lymph.

This is a deep massage, during which the massage master from Cambodia uses strong pressure and stroking movements, massages not only with hands, but also with elbows, knuckles, knees and feet, rhythmically stretches, twists and exercises the body, presses energy points and lines. The massage master pays particular attention to painful muscle areas: stiff neck and upper back, shoulders and constantly tense muscles of the lower back and legs.

We perform the massage with natural, odorless massage oil.

Cambodia masters massages

Khmer Buran massage

60 min
€ 66

Khmer Buran massage

90 min
€ 89