Khmer foot and leg massage

Khmer foot and shin massage

30 min
€ 39
Khmer foot and shin massage is especially suitable for those who walk or stand a lot, feel leg pain and fatigue.

During this massage, every organ of the body is relaxed, the body calms down and relaxes, gains more energy and vitality. We recommend Khmer foot and shin massage to those who know what it means to have tired and swollen legs. Massage is also useful after pregnancy, for those who drive for a long time, do intense sports or wear high heels for a long time.

During the Khmer point foot and shin massage, we massage the feet and lower legs, including passive stretching and pressure movements. During the massage, the massage master stimulates as many as 27 points that affect the entire body. This massage is performed with the whole palm, fists, fingers and elbows.

We perform the massage with natural, odorless massage oil.

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60 min
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