Khmer Buran massage

Khmer Buran massage

60 min
€ 62
Khmer Buran massage is different from the usual oil massages. This massage is performed on a mattress, during which the client wears special pajamas that do not restrict movement.

This is an intensive massage, a traditional Khmer massage technique that encourages the body’s internal energy to flow more freely, improving overall health, well-being and vitality. The masseur uses fingers, thumbs, elbows, hands and feet, his own body weight, and combines acupressure and stretching movements. Unlike the traditional Thai massages, yoga movements are not used here.

Khmer Buran massage is especially suitable for those whose bodies are tense, as well as those with reduced flexibility and range of motion. Khmer Buran massage reduces muscle and joint pain, helps regulate blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, increases alertness, and reduces insomnia.


Cambodia masters massages

Khmer Buran massage

90 min
€ 83

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30 min
€ 33