Wrinkle removing face procedure

90 min
€ 99
This treatment is intended for mature skin with deep and mimic wrinkles. It is recommended to perform from the age of 40.

Corrective from Skeyndor is a wrinkle treatment that combines wrinkle filling methods and substances that relax skin microcontractions. The procedure has an intensive smoothing effect on the deepest wrinkles, so the wrinkles gradually disappear naturally after the first procedures. It is an effective substitute for aesthetic medical procedures, removes deep wrinkles, restores skin firmness and restores the youthful appearance of the face. It contains 9 active ingredients, including peptides with effects similar to botox, viper venom and hyaluronic acid filler.

During the procedure, the professional cosmetologist of our spa center will also perform a facial massage, which will help to massage in a deeply moisturizing cream. Massage rejuvenates, restores facial skin and its deeper tissues, prevents aging and reduces its influence. During the massage, the contour of the face is lifted and shaped, muscles are strengthened and toned.