Facial cleansing with prebiotics

60 min
€ 64
Facial cleansing with prebiotics is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and pregnant women.

Regular facial cleansing helps keep your skin healthy, clean and smooth. Facial cleansing with Skeyndor Expert Cleance Pro products will not only remove accumulations of dirt and dead cells, but also help to restore skin microflora, which is a guarantee of healthy skin.

Expert Cleanse Pro products are 100% organic, have an extremely deep effect, due to natural surfactants they clean deeply and gently, do not dry out and do not damage the skin structure. The strong cleansing effect removes dirt, pollutants, excess fat, everything that can clog pores, revives the skin, evens out the tone, balances the microflora of the skin.

Depending on the problem, the cosmetologist will choose the most suitable method of cleaning the facial skin – mechanical, ultrasonic or extremely gentle.