Indian massage of marma points

Indian marma points massage

90 min
€ 92
Indian marma massage points is effective for those who want to restore and maintain the body’s energy vitality, internal balance, physical and mental health. It is an excellent therapy for disease prevention and to prevent the accumulation of toxins.

There are 107 marma points in the human body – energy centers through which vital energy enters the organs. Each marma (some of them coincide with the so-called chakras or biologically active points) has its own zones on the surface of the body. During the marma point massage, the master from India easily stimulates the marma point areas, using deeper pressures with his fingers, releases stagnant energy and stimulates your internal organs.

Marma points massage have an effect on strengthening immunity, contributes to pain reduction, improves digestion, and activates blood circulation.

We perform the massage with natural, odorless massage oil.