Indian full body warm oil massage Abhyanga

Abhyanga | Indian massage with warm oil

60 min
€ 64
Indian massage with warm oil Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic massage that is called the massage of youth and longevity. It is recognized that this massage is extremely useful for the entire human body and activates energy channels.

Abhyanga massage begins with the rubbing of warm oil into the body by our spa masters from India, followed by gentle movements and pressing. It is said that this massage is like a meditation, so you will feel a strong surge of energy after it. Abhyanga massage cleanses toxins from the body, relaxes muscles, improves sleep quality, reduces stress, emotional and physical state.

During Abhyanga massage, we do not use strong pressure or stretching, just rubbing warm oil on the whole body. One of the old Ayurvedic scriptures says that this massage nourishes and anoints the body with beneficial oils, so no impurities and diseases can stick to it after Abhyanga.

We perform the massage with warm, natural, odorless massage oil.