Nourishing body scrub (ONLY with any massage)

30 min
€ 24
Just as a diamond needs to be polished to reveal its beauty, our skin needs to be cleansed. Exfoliation renews and revives the skin, so it becomes smooth and soft.

Sesame and avocado body scrub is enriched with essential oils that nourish the skin. Sesame oil is perfect for dry skin, slows skin aging processes, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements, essential linoleic and linolenic acids. The antioxidants inavocado oil ant the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil help keep the skin smooth and soft, nourish it, and restore its firmness and elasticity.

We offer accessories to massages to our customers at a special price – this price is valid only for the procedure with any massage.