Massage with bamboo sticks

Balinese massage with bamboo sticks

60 min
€ 63
Massage with bamboo sticks is known for its healing properties.

Massage with bamboo sticks is perfect for both men and women. It is an intense and deep massage, during which the massage master uses bamboo sticks of various lengths and thicknesses.

Massage with bamboo sticks are famous for their healing properties: it helps reduce muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation, increases the flexibility of joints and muscles, promotes cell regeneration, improves the functions of the nervous system, helps remove lactic acid from muscles and thus reduces pain.

Due to its draining, relaxing and soothing effect, it is ideal for athletes.

Massage with bamboo sticks is extremely effective in reducing cellulite marks.

This massage is also unique in that you will feel both relaxed and energetic at the same time.