Thai massage with warm herbal bundles

Thai massage with warm bundles of herbs

90 min
€ 92
Thai massage with warm bundles of herbs helps reduce tension, improves general well-being and sleep quality, activates blood circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system. It is not for nothing that herbal compresses are used in traditional Thai medicine.

During this massage, we use bundles of herbs tightly wrapped in muslin or cotton, brought to us from Thailand. We hold these bundles in hot steam before the massage, until they heat up and attract the scent of the herbs. Do not be afraid, during the massage you will only feel a pleasant warmth. The masseur places the bundles of herbs on your body in circular and rocking movements, on painful body parts and tense muscles. Not only will you breathe in the aroma emitted by the bundles, the useful herbal substances will also be absorbed into the skin.

Bundles of herbs usually consist of a mixture of 10-20 herbs, but the main ingredients are Camphor (its cooling and tingling sensation refreshes the skin), Lemongrass (has antiseptic properties, cleanses the skin), Prai (a ginger plant that relieves muscle pain and softens the skin), and Kaffiro lime (tones the skin).

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