Aromatherapy massage with selected oil

Aromatherapy massage with selected oil

60 min
€ 61
Aromatherapy full body massage, during which we will use the essential oil of your choice, is extremely beneficial for both your skin and emotional state.

During the aromatherapy massage, the professional master of our spa center uses a special combination of continuous movements and intensively stimulates energy points, thereby improving tone and removing muscle fatigue. During this massage, essential oil penetrates the skin and improves blood circulation, at the same time aromas are inhaled, affecting the central nervous system, eliminating insomnia, relieving stress, and providing physical and spiritual strength.

Before the massage, we will invite you to choose the aroma you like:

Lavender | Lavender is one of the oldest sources of beauty, aromatherapy and health. Lavender is a good antiseptic, heals wounds, burns, dermatitis. Lavender spell ritual calms, reduces depression and anxiety, is suitable for migraines pain relief.

Neroli | The scent of neroli (orange blossom) is associated with the mood of blossoming and ripening. It is an aristocratic, transparent fragrance filled with cold and fresh greenery, with a clearly expressed note of bitterness. Neroli essential oil is an excellent antidepressant, it has an antiseptic effect that stimulates heart activity, suppresses spasms, and tones. It can also be used safely by pregnant women.

Orange | The aroma of orange essential oil has a calming, uplifting and optimistic effect. The sweet aroma of orange essential oil has a positive effect, encourages you to forget your troubles and helps you get out of the grip of depression. Orange oil used on the skin removes insomnia, worries, has a positive effect on skin tone, tightens the skin and fights cellulite by effectively acting on the lymphatic system.